Organizing your Sanity and Leftovers with Smart Spin

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Is there a way to organize my leftovers without an endless search for plastic containers?

Organizing your Sanity and Leftovers with Smart Spin

It happens after every dinner, especially if you're in a good sized family. You open up your cupboard door and get bombarded by plastic containers and lids—that is, ones that aren't already in the dishwasher or refrigerator. Unfortunately, none of the lids seem to match any of the containers. Tupperware is hard to organize and even harder to keep track of.

* One of our best home organization tips: Choose from the sets of storage containers that come with kitchen cabinet organizers. The Smart Spin system, which offers its own lazy Susan spinning base for storage, has been a sell-out thanks to As Seen On TV infomercial watchers. The Smart Spin is designed to work with its own containers, but then, you aren't attached to your plastic ware, are you?



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