A Space-Saving Idea...No Astronauts Necessary

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Is there a way to shrink some if my possessions to save space?

A Space-Saving Idea...No Astronauts Necessary

You don't have to be in the space program to figure out that we all need more space in our closets, drawers, and cabinets. Even when we get to the moon, we won't escape all this "stuff" we've accumulated. In fact, someone will probably sell storage space on the moon (on eBay) to streamline home organization. But, before we boldly go where no disorganized people have gone before, there's always the Space Bag.

The home organization Space Bag is yet another storage bag for valuables—complete with polyurethane strength and a space-suit look (that is, if astronauts wore see-through material) Not even "Star Trek" featured that (although the original series from the 1960s had female characters dressed in two pieces of tinfoil!)

The space program is supposed to shrink the universe...it's already shrunk food down to vacuum packs. The Space Bag works on the same principle and would be perfect for the space shuttle. The Space Bag can compress your sweaters, letters, jewelry, suits, precious mementoes. and valuables, including, yes, "Star Trek" memorabilia.

Try not to store any sharp alien objects—the polyurethane won't withstand puncture.



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