Cleaning Gutters Like Buttah Without Ladders

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Do I have to get on a ladder to clean my gutters?

Cleaning Gutters Like Buttah Without Ladders

Are you verklempt when you think of trying to reach your leaf-clogged gutters—who would also seem to be verklempt? Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic. The Gutter Blaster is neither a gutter nor a blaster. Discuss.

If you're a short talk show hostess from Long Island, you hate getting on ladders to do a gutter cleaner job. Will the Gutter Blaster work? It attaches to your regular garden hose or faucet and you can water blast all the debris to the downspout. Now, let's Coffee Talk about this DIY home improvement product. It's supposed to rotate and swivel.

So, you want to use the Gutter Blaster? First, you need good water pressure. If you don't have it, put down the coffee and do something about it. Once you have the pressure, however, suggests that you insert the hose or gutter cleaner inside the downspout and speal it off with some rags so the blockage ejects out the top.

You may still need the Little Giant Ladder...but at this point maybe you could get your Coffee Talk buddy to help.



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