Shine a Laser Light on Hanging Pictures

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Without measuring can I make sure my picures are hung evenly?

Shine a Laser Light on Hanging Pictures

Is the picture askew or are you? There's a philosophical question to think about while you're watching infomercials. Supposedly, the Laser Straight can eliminate philosophical debate as well as the need for DIY home improvement product staples (such as heavy old-fashioned levels and rulers).

Laser Straight claims to project a straight line, rather like a laser ruler, that you can use to rehang pictures, install shelves, and put up any and curtain rods. Are you enlightened yet? Is this a philosophy that can hold water like Archimedes?

• The laser may vanish when it hits a curve in the wall.

• The Laser Straight is easy to use.

• The Laser Straight initially had problems with sticking to painted surfaces rather than drywall so it now comes with pins to fasten it to any surface.

Enlightenment at last!



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