Fried, Not Baked Pan Bacon in the Microwave

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Is there finally a way to cook bacon in the microwave?

Fried, Not Baked Pan Bacon in the Microwave

Fried is bad. Fried is bad. Fried is bad. It's the health mantra. And, even Oprah Winfrey has switched to no-fry chicken. Bacon always comes fried. Don't fight it—if you cook bacon in the microwave, you can avoid the fat and grease that clogs your arteries. However, microwave bacon usually comes out rubbery or burned. Can an As Seen On TV item help?

Voila—there's an As Seen On TV Bacon Magic Wave microwave bacon cooker (you know, the kind that usually appears on As Seen In TV ads with the ominous shot of bubbling grease surrounding frying bacon). Special cooking racks stack the bacon, organizing the strips on rods.

But is microwave bacon healthier, relatively speaking, than skillet bacon? A quick As Seen On TV review of health info: USA Weekend says that bacon contains nitrosamines, which are linked to cancer risk. Microwaves zap nitrosamines, so microwave bacon has one-tenth the amount of pan-fried bacon.

* Health tip: Tomatoes help fight nitrosamines, so make microwave bacon for BLTs with the Bacon Magic Wave.



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