Organizing is a Shoe-In

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How can I save space and organize my shoes?

Organizing is a Shoe-In

There are days when you feel like Imelda Marcos trying to organize your shoes. You most likely have pairs that no longer fit or that you never wear (probably because you can't find them). However, shoe organizers are as numerous and varied as shoe styles. How do you choose?

You can find shoe organizers in companies such as Hold Everything...but wait, what's that coming on television at midnight while you're organizing your shoes? It's Shoes Away, an over-the-door closet shoe organizer As Seen On TV item. If you can't part with any of your shoes, the wholesale As Seen On TV shoe organizer is your best bet.

* If you prefer horizontal shoe racks that fit at the bottom of your closet, a vertical hanging bag, or clear shoe pockets, this may not be for you. And, depending on whether you have large athletic shoes, boots, or complicated strappy evening sandals, the bag may be bulky and may not fit in your closet space. Here are a few shoe organizing tips if you're planning on buying ShoesAway:

• Don't throw out shoe boxes—especially for larger shoes and boots
• Sort shoes by function: casual, dress, athletic
• If you garden or live in a sunny climate, have a special spot for outdoor shoes



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