Natural Heavy Duty Cleaning--With Orange Zest

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Is there a natural source of heavy duty cleaning solutions?

Natural Heavy Duty Cleaning--With Orange Zest

Yes, it's the power of orange in a spray bottle! There are many cleaning products that feature a twist of lemon, lime, or orange. Citric acid in citrus is a natural cleaner. That's why Mom and the helpful hint household experts As Seen In TV (Martha Stewart, anyone?) always told you to fight a stain with a drop or two of lemon juice! However, with so many orange cleaning products, how do you pick and choose which is right for your hardwood floors? Shop around and read reviews. Also, make sure that the one you choose is designed to work well on your particular surface.

* The Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Care Kit is a bargain—it even comes with a special applicator pad designed to work with Orange Glo. In addition, unlike many cleaners, Orange Glo works well on Formica, vinyl, tile, and fiberglass—that's just the tip of the orange peel!



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