Newbie (and Desperate) Plumbers' Helper?

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If my garden hose springs a leak can I repair it?

Newbie (and Desperate) Plumbers' Helper?

Do you have a Mr. or Mrs. Fixit-DIY expert around the house? Maybe you're all just dreading a plumber's visit and seeing the plumber's pants that ride down too far (unless the plumber looks like James Denton of "Desperate Housewives," in which case you may not want to order your own plumbing solution As Seen In TV).

The Leak Ender 2000 As Seen On TV item isn't a permanent fix on major pipes in your bathroom or kitchen. It's a quick-fix-it solution until you can call James Denton. It's a watertight sealant that also supposedly works on walls, gutters, air conditioners, foundations...even pools for bikini-clad Desperate Housewives.

A few As Seen On TV review tips if you're thinking about skipping the plumbing bills for a wholesale As Seen On TV patch job:

• There are shut-off valves under your kitchen or bathroom sink if the leak is there. You can turn the shut-off valve to seal the pipe and stop the leak.

• Don't hesitate to call in a plumber, or ask for advice at the hardware store. It's less expensive to pay for service than to deal with mold and water damage. You can ask for referrals and comparison shop.

These tips aside, you won't waste your money or time with the Leak Ender 2000.



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