Primetime TV Blues? Relive the Golden Age with Red Skelton

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Can you still get Red Skelton videos?

Primetime TV Blues? Relive the Golden Age with Red Skelton

500 channels and nothing to watch for you or your children? Thanks to DVD and videotape, the old classics have returned—chief among them Johnny Carson, the king of class. Forget Paris Hilton car wash commercials, Def Comedy Jam, or reality shows. Forget the infamous As Seen In TV Girls Gone Wild (which got an As Seen On TV review black mark on

If you're a parent wanting charm, charisma, and morals with your laughs, you have plenty of options. Who would have thought the cleanest part of TV would be the infomercials? You've seen the ones for the Johnny Carson collection. Johnny's fellow quick wit, Red Skelton (who died in the Palm Springs area with his first and only wife by his side), is also available on DVD. Did you know that Johnny wrote for "The Red Skelton Show," as did "Brady Bunch" writer Sherwood Schwart? You can't get more wholesome than that!

Unlike many comedians (Ray Romano and Jay Leno being exceptions), Johnny knew you didn't have to talk blue to make people red with laughter. That is a lot more than you can say for television today.



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