Hear Again with Sonic Earz...But Listen Up

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Can I get the benefits of hearing aid without the huge cost?

Hear Again with Sonic Earz...But Listen Up

How did this happen? You're straining to hear the TV or radio when your spouse is telling you it's too loud—you're turning into your parents. Some hearing loss is inevitable (especially if you were a wild child at Woodstock listening to music at high decibels). Still, you'd hate to get a hearing aid. They're bulky and expensive.

Does Sonic Earz really work? Medical suppliers who sell the device (at not much more than the wholesale As Seen On TV price) highly recommend this As Seen On TV item, since Sonic Earz claims to amplify sounds for 60 feet away and up to 50 decibels, assuring that you'll never miss out on a jazz or classical concert.

* KCBD-TV in Texas did an investigation. Sonic Earz apparently worked less well than expected in a crowded newsroom with 20 different conversations, police scanners going off, and producers yelling. Also, the KCBD-TV reporter said Sonic Earz is motion-sensitive (which means no sudden moves).

KHNL NBC-8 in Hawaii also did a report, and the investigative reporter said that Sonic Earz amplified the TV volume, unfortunately along with all the other ambient noise.

* Don't believe everything you hear on TV news. Test for yourself.



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