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Is there a way to et driving directions without having to look at a map?

Ladies, Talking Auto Pilot Is Better Than A Man Because...

AutoPilot Talking Road Navigator, unlike the man in your life, will actually let you stop and ask for directions. In fact, this As Seen On TV item will give you directions without a map (assuming you don't have OnStar or GPS). If you don't, AutoPilot may be an affordable alternative—and it's endorsed by the AAA!

Yes, your AutoPilot won't talk back to you. Yes, it won't insist on lecturing you about the Civil War history of every point in Pennsylvania or Georgia, or stop to use the rest room every ten minutes. Yes, it gives detailed point by point directions to hotels, restaurants and points of interest. Yes, it can entertain with its electronic knowledge. But as seen in TV sitcoms, a man will usually win over a machine (plus, MapQuest has been known to be wrong).

* The AutoPilot does have 800 telephone numbers of hotels, motels and inns, the best driving directions between major cities, plus computations of distance when you input a highway mile marker. It can't replace your guy, but at least when you're planning your trip on the road you won't feel ready to toss him out of the car.

What can I do with the space between the top of my television and the entertainment center?

TV Tops: That's Where I Left The Remote

Can't find the remote, your glasses, your drink, or the TV control? They used to be on the top of the TV...until you got that flat screen TV. Now you can't even put your credit card on top of the TV when you're watching As Seen On TV infomercials. Sorry, you can't have your flat screen and your storage too! If you're considering getting extra storage space, like the TV Top Shelf, do your research first.

The commercials for the Top Shelf depict a standard monitor (13 inches and higher) with no image of a flat screen TV. If you want TV storage space with a plasma model, you're better off with a TV cabinet that has shelf space above your flat screen TV, or a TV stand designed for a plasma screen TV.

* If you're not daunted and want the As Seen On TV item for your flat screen TV, ask a hardware expert.

Is there a better way to take my blood pressure?

Take Your Blood Pressure Yourself—Before There's a Problem

As Seen In TV, you can tell when someone's blood pressure has hit an all-time high. Cartoon characters have red faces and smoke coming out of their ears. When Tony Soprano reaches for his gun, you know he should have used WrisTech to check his hypertension. The truth is, however, that high blood pressure is a deadlier, stealthier killer than Tony could ever be.

By the time you feel the effects of high blood pressure (like dehydration) you're too late to avoid the danger zone. What can you do? You can watch your wrist As Seen On TV. Supposedly, with the FDA-approved WrisTech, you don't even need the bulky cuff or stethoscope. Like a diabetes monitor, you can attach the device and monitor the LED readout before you have a problem. The wholesale price won't even raise your blood pressure!

• High blood pressure may not always be a measure of stress—monitor your diet
• Low blood pressure, hypotension (result of nervous system conditions), is dangerous too
• Normal blood pressure varies from person to person, so consult your doctor before you panic
• Medications can affect blood pressure

WrisTech can be a valuable self-diagnostic tool if you regularly check it (even when sitting still) and if you're armed with the right information.

Are there any sing along songs with contemporary songs?

Kids Sing Along, "American Idol" Style

Kids' singalong or karaoke systems are "American Idol" without Simon Cowell, Ryan Seacrest, and Paula Abdul (yes, that's a good thing). There's no guarantee a karaoke machine will land your child on "Star Search," but kids love to sing and need creative expression.

There are many music machines out there, made by everybody from Fisher-Price to Disney to Barbie (all of these are family-friendly with no offensive lyrics).

Music machines come with CDs and DVDs. Of course, there's an As Seen On TV item: Kidz Bop. Kidz Bop is unique because the songs are contemporary favorites sung by other kids—children love to hear and sing along to songs sung by other children.

This might be a PG/Tipper Gore warning: Some of the songs on the Kidz Bop albums are clearly intended for teens, "Oops, I Did It Again," "Livin' La Vida Loca," and the like. However, no need to fret: Kidz Bop makes the lyrics kid-friendly. There seems to be nothing objectionable and no expensive equipment to buy.

* We don't have to tell you to listen to these albums yourself. You can do your parental duty and enjoy these fun, energetic songs…without Simon around to make sarcastic comments!

Can I fix car dents myself?

Unsightly Dent? Just Make it Go Pop!

Dent removal is for the pros, right? You need a mechanic to fix a dent, nick or ding in your car, right? Wrong. The Pops-A-Dent wholesale As Seen On TV gadget (available for $19.95) boasts of the power to help you fix these problems yourself.

Auto-body experts know how expensive dent removal can be—this is why auto pros developed Pops-A-Dent (which includes a glue gun and dent removal stems). But, does it work? Two reviewers rated Pops-A-Dent a rip-off that is not worth the dent in your wallet. Still want to give it a try? Keep these things in mind:

• You shouldn't need to repaint after you repair.
• Make sure the tool can adjust to the dent size. If the dent is too large, it won't work.

Can you cook an egg in a microwave?

New Egg Wave--Does It Work?

Don't skip breakfast—according to new research it's one of the reasons Americans are overweight. But you think, “I don't have time for breakfast, even for the Incredible Edible Egg! Besides, eggs are so unhealthy”. According to eggsperts such as Suzanne Somers (a definite As Seen In TV classic), however, you can GET SKINNY ON FABULOUS FOOD. Apparently, if you put a bacon and egg breakfast side by side with a low-fat muffin, the eggs are actually healthier! Don't you have egg on your face now?

You still might think, “I don't have time!” But, as usual, As Seen On TV comes to the rescue with a wholesale As Seen On TV answer to the egg dilemma: the Egg Wave, a microwave egg cooker. Many people think eggs turn rubbery in the microwave. However, the Egg Wave can cook eggs for breakfast or for use in that eggscellent potato salad without a rubbery texture.

* Always obey microwave safety—although the plastic Egg Wave is microwave safe, be careful.

* According to TV reports, the Egg Wave may sometimes take longer than advertised, but a healthy breakfast is worth it. You'll save money and time as opposed to skipping breakfast or grabbing a fatty McMuffin.

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