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Can I find a bra that I can wear with a strapless dress?

Go Strapless and Feel Confident

Do you want to wear that cute, strapless black number but feel self conscious without a bra? Don't confine yourself to a bra-friendly wardrobe or buy bulky strapless bras that show under your clothes. You have other options.

Silicone Bra Inserts and Natural Bra are perfect if you're looking for a discount beauty product that helps your wardrobe. Natural Bra increases your bust size without giving away your secret.

Can I remove stains from my teeth?

Teeth Whitening--Invest in a Clean Between Machine Too

Everybody's doing it...teeth whitening. We want our teeth cleansed of regular Starbucks runs and, if we smoke, tobacco (as well as the regular stains from our food).

As Seen On TV has a discount beauty product alternative to expensive, professional whitening. If you need deep teeth whitening, the WhiteLight Teeth Whitener or Biodent Optiwhite offer beauty product options without the dentist's office.

Keep in mind that teeth whitening is no substitute for clean teeth. Invest in a Clean Between Machine, Cybersonic 2 Oral Care System, or a hyG-Ionic toothbrush and don't forget to floss! Remember that advanced plaque causes gingivitis, which teeth whitening can halt but can't treat.

How can I style and dry my hair at the same time?

Adding Hands with the Hair Dryer Stand

The trouble with blow drying your hair is that you don't have three hands. You need at least one hand to hold the dryer and two for styling. And, since so many As Seen On TV products purport to be three in one, it's no surprise that a beauty product from television claims to be able to give you an extra arm.

The Hair Dryer Stand works like a camera tripod for hair dryers. You just point and shoot, so to speak, while the hair dryer remains stationary. It works no matter what your height, and can rest on the floor or bathroom counter.

• Remember to keep distance between your hair and the hair dryer
• Consider using an ion hair dryer, which may be gentler
• The Hair Dryer Stand works for travel

What's the best way to get an even tan without getting in the sun?

Spray on Salon Bronze

Unless you live in a sunny climate, you wait for summer to get a deep, dark tan. And, while some sun exposure is good for your health, extensively exposing yourself to harmful UVA and UVB rays is still a no-no. Tanning beds? Another no-no. What's a suntan-worshipper to do?

There are several self-tanning products on the market. Typically, a self-tanning gel or cream beauty product will give you an uneven tan and, in some cases, an orange color. You'll also have to cover your furniture in plastic because the tan rubs off easily. The exception is Jergens' Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer.

Spray tanning is a more viable option. You can get Mystic Mist-On Tan at a tanning parlor, or you can do spray tanning at home with Salon Bronze, an As Seen On TV discount beauty product.

* Check the label for ingredients that you may be allergic to—as you should do with any product. Typically, spray tanning products are hypoallergenic. Also, they tend to streak so rub on evenly. For best results, spray on in the shower with an old towel underneath your feet.

Is it important to keep my skin moisturized with sunless tanning?

Spray-On Salon Bronze...A Lasting Tan?

It's difficult to make a natural tan last if you're afraid of UV damage. However, keeping your golden color with a cream or spray tanning natural beauty product is difficult too.

If the skin is not properly moisturized your tan will likely be gone before you know it—especially if you use one of the cheaper gels or creams. Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer combines both tan and moisture. The Tan Perfect Kit also offers a salon formula bronzer with moisturizing elements.

If you prefer spray tanning such as As Seen On TV Salon Bronze, keep your skin moist (preferably with a white tea and aloe moisturizer). This is also a great way to prevent free radicals and keep your skin elastic.

* Remember to drink plenty of water to keep your skin moist, and don't smoke—wrinkles don't look good with your tan!

Can I get fuller breast without surgery?

Breast Enhancement with Bra Inserts

"Hooters" didn't start our obsession with bust size, it's been around since Adam and Eve. But now, due to societal pressures, many women feel tremendously insecure about the size and shape of their breasts.

We've all heard about silicone leakage and cosmetic surgery as well as natural breast implants from potato material (as Jay Leno once joked, "Wait until President Clinton finds out there's potatoes in there!")

If you're looking for some extra cushion in the chest area, try using bra inserts. They're hypoallergenic, waterproof, and will give you that natural, fuller, well-developed look you've been looking for—without scary surgeries.

Did you know that breast surgery can give that "bowling ball" appearance where both breasts look unnaturally uniform? As Seen on TV beauty product Silicone Bra Inserts, however, are made out of a material that mold to your contours. Imagine—silicone on the outside. What a great discount beauty product!

* Tip: The sticky inserts (my nephew calls them "gooey breasts") feel uncomfortable when you peel them off so don't press too hard when putting them on.

Who has the best dead sea products?

Etre, Israeli and Ahava--Go West Bank, Young Woman

If you're not ready to travel to Israel, you can at least have skin like you've been there, especially if you have problem skin. Israel may not have oil, but it has many a natural beauty product that contain natural minerals and muds from the Dead Sea.

You don't have to go far for great skin. Many companies, such as Ahava (Hebrew for "love"), Etre and Israeli, offer products with Dea Sea salts and mud elements. If you have problem skin (such as psoriasis, acne, eczema, dandruff, or chapped hands and feet) a Dead Sea beauty product works a Moses-scale miracle.

* Never scrub your skin. And, be sure to consult with a dermatologist if you're unsure about using this product.

What is so special about products from the dead sea.

Dead Sea Mineral Health Products

Many facial cleansers reek of man-made abrasives and fragrances as well as harsh ethyl alcohol that can be hard on the skin—especially sensitive skin. Some can even cause cancer.

To avoid irritation, read labels carefully to pinpoint items that trigger discomfort. If you want to give those pores a break, try using a natural discount beauty product. There are many available including:

• Scrubs composed of fruit
• Washes made from natural plants and flowers
• Masks made out of earthen clays and mud
• Cleansers composed of minerals derived from the Dead Sea

These all natural products are refreshing and smell amazing—not to mention the fact that they are easier on your skin.

Which natural beauty product is best? Actually, aloe, in its natural form, is a terrific alternative even if you use a tanning spray and don't go out in the sun. However, beauty experts rate any Dead Sea beauty product (such as the As Seen On TV Etre Skin Care package) as beneficial to your skin.

*Just don't scrub—pat the mix on gently, then rinse gently with pure water. And, make sure your water is filtered and free of harsh elements.

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