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Is there a better alternative to Botox?

To Botox or Not Botox?

A forehead, facial expression, and hair that all don't move can actually work against you. Just ask politicians (JibJab films poked fun at John Kerry's Botox treatments). Did George W. Bush pick a Botox alternative? We'll never know.

We can debate such weighty issues as whether to choose Zerotox anti wrinkle cream over Botox (which contains an amino acid said to fight skin aging). The, we can get on to debating Social Security. Actually, Social Security might be easier than resisting Botox, which even Hollywood consultants reject because it creates expressionlessness in actors. But, is Zerotox a better Botox alternative among the many (Restylane, Radiance, etc.) that are proliferating like filibusters?

For the record, there's a reason Hollywood and deodorant commercials say never let 'em see you sweat: Botox has been approved to treat excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis—perfect for politicians trying to answer questions about their Senate voting records or Intel reports on Iraq.

But, you may still have concerns about Botox and its long term effects, especially if you're using it for cosmetic reasons. Ask your doctor and, in the meantime, it can't hurt to try Zerotox.

*Zerotox doesn't entirely reduce wrinkles, simply because of a process called life, but it does help diminish them.

What can I do to reduce my spider veins?

You're So Vein

Do spider veins on your legs make you feel like Spider-Man's sister? You don't need the genius of Peter Parker to diminish spider veins. All you may need are good skin care products.

We like the spider vein treatment VeinIsh—and not just for the clever name. The penetrating lotion is meant for use several times a day. It's cheaper than sclerotherapy, and works just as well to collapse and diminish spider veins. Like wrinkles and stretch marks, no matter what anti wrinkle cream or stretch mark cream you use, you can't eliminate spider veins with a spider vein cream or even laser surgery.

Can you get rid of stretch marks once you have them

Removing Stretch Marks

As Frank Sinatra sang, "That's life...and stretch marks." Okay, Frank, even with his many marriages, never mentioned stretch marks. But, like wrinkles, stretch marks are a part of life—as awkward as they may look when you're trying on a swimsuit. Some women refuse to eradicate the evidence of having a child, preferring natural womanly looks.

Not even surgery can completely remove stretch marks—no stretch mark treatment can. You can use a stretch mark cream, such as Stretch Away, to replenish your collagen levels. Also try following these other stretch mark treatment hints:

• To rebuild the tissue, use skin care products such as moisturizers rich in vitamin E and cocoa butter.

• To prevent stretch marks the first time or to ward off new marks, drink plenty of fluids and eat a diet rich in zinc, silica and vitamin E.

• Exercise to keep your skin supple, moving, and glowing.

Can lasers remove stretch marks?

Lasers and Stretch Mark Creams

Lasers are used for everything from cataracts to spider veins to hair removal. Once it was science fiction but now people are doing laser treatments on their lunch hours—though we still haven't developed those cool laser scalpels the doctors use on "Star Trek."

Sorry to say, lasers may not always be an effective stretch mark treatment. Some doctors say the process works best on darker stretch mark lines and its effectiveness relies on skin color. And, according to Dr. Jean Loftus, author of The Smart Woman's Guide to Plastic Surgery, laser surgery to remove stretch marks has not been proven to work. She explains that laser surgery removes, vaporize,s and breaks down skin tissues rather than rebuilds tears in your skin.

If you still want laser surgery and have no desire to wait hundreds of years, do your homework on laser stretch mark treatment. In the meantime, consider using a stretch mark cream such as Stretch Away.

What is the best metal to make shavers out of?

Titanium Terrific For Shaving?

One word you want to avoid when shaving or using knives is "ouch”. Both actions have an As Seen On TV connection. Do you know what the following items have in common?

• Titanium Turbo Precision Electric Razor
• Mighty Titan Knife Set

Give up? Both are made of super-strong titanium.

Plastic knives don't work well in the long run and neither do disposable plastic razors. The Titanium Turbo wholesale razor costs about the same as two packages of plastic razors. While many plastic razors have been made "for sensitive skin," the skin is sensitive and, let's face it, plastic can break.

* The Titanium Turbo is great for both men and women (with none of that plucking action you sometimes experience while using shavers).

Can you permanently remove wrinkles?

Loving Your Wrinkles With Anti Wrinkle Cream

Even Strivectin, or any stretch mark cream or spider vein treatment, can't erase traces of your life—especially if you've given birth. Anti wrinkle cream can't entirely erase the wrinkles your kids have given you either! But, though moms and dads might want to make wrinkles go away, few regret the living that put the wrinkles there.

Don't buy claims that a magic products (Zerotox, Liftight, Time Restore, etc) can get rid of wrinkles. The collagen in anti wrinkle cream can make the skin more pliable and younger as well as healthier, so you can be at peace with your wrinkles.

While women especially are sensitive about wrinkles, poets and even older women have celebrated the stories that wrinkles can tell about someone's life. Martina McBride sings, "Every laugh, laugh line on your face/Made you who you are today." So, celebrate your wrinkles with anti wrinkle cream.

What are stretch marks?

Terror, Thy Name Is Stretch Marks

You step out of the shower one morning and you scream like Janet Leigh in "Psycho." You see your abs in the mirror...your lower abs. The stretch marks look like an alien creature's been burrowing into your stomach. However did this happen?

It doesn't take a mad scientific genius to see that stretch marks are damaged muscle fibers. For the curious, here's how it happens:

• The middle layer of skin, the dermis, is damaged and worn by ups and downs in weight and hormones.
• Fibers are stretched beyond their limits.
• Reddish lines appear like traces of blood
• The lines gradually fade and turn slightly silverfish
• Finally, the lines transform into stretch marks.

Here's the horrific part: You can never completely eliminate the damage. However, you can restore your skin's elasticity and you don't need to drink vampire blood to do it. Before you join the ranks of the undead (their faces, after all, never wrinkle), invest in skin care products such as Stretch Away or moisturizers for stretch mark treatment.

How can I keep from getting more wrinkles?

Anti-Wrinkle Cream Alone Isn't Enough

You can cover up with Ultimate Cover anti-wrinkle cream or put some collagen back in your skin with Liftight. But, unless you practice skin care, all the skin care products in the world will be wasted.

The best skin care product is attention to your skin. Try the following:

• Don't smoke, don't smoke, don't smoke. It wrinkles the skin around your mouth.
• Meditate. Zen monks usually have serene faces.
• A little sun is good. You need the vitamin E to fight off aging—but limit your sun
• Drink fluids, especially water.
• Eat natural foods for healthy-looking skin.
• Try glycerin as a supplement to your anti wrinkle cream.

Can surgery remove stretch marks?

Stretch Mark Surgery

Tummy tucks, radical new skin products, stretch mark creams (such as Stretch Away or StriVectin-SD), what's the right stretch mark treatment for you?

StriVectin-SD is supposedly so powerful at eliminating stretch marks that women have begun using it to treat facial wrinkles. The jury, however, is still out on the effectiveness.

Tummy tucks, or abdominoplasty surgery, top the list in surgical stretch mark treatment. Stretch marks, or striate, usually develop below the belly button on the lower abdomen after puberty, pregnancy, or rapid weight gain. Tummy tucks help rebuild the tissue, unlike laser surgery. Bear in mind, however, that any surgery can't completely eliminate stretch marks.

Can't afford or don't want the surgical option? Skin products such as StriVectin or Stretch Away can work well to diminish but can never eradicate stretch marks.

* Don't use any radical new skin care products whose claims haven't been tested.

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