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Is there a natural way to fight arthritis?

Fighting Arthritis...With Emu Oil

Joints stiff? Are you an arthritis sufferer? There are dozens of products to combat or alleviate the pain in your fingers and arms. Several As Seen In TV items offer solutions. One of the most often-touted products, however, is emu oil.

No As Seen On TV review of the Blur Pain Relief or Ultra Blue emu oil product can avoid the other ways to combat arthritis:

• Sensible diet
• Physical activity
• Magnetic therapy
• Doctor's advice

However, emu oil has long been known as a natural way to lessen arthritis pain by triggering your body's curative powers and repairing connective tissue. The As Seen On TV item contains MSM (a common ingredient in arthritis products) vitamin C, and soothing Aloe Vera.

* Tip: Emu oil may sound like a fad, but according to experimental studies on rats with advanced arthritis, emu oil has been proven to alleviate arthritis suffering.

Can orthotics help with knee or back pain?

Stopping Pain With Orthotics: Tips From Runners

Tendons sore? It might be tendonitis related to the five-block walk you took in poorly fitting Jimmy Choos or worn-out sneakers. Make the rubber hit the road and check out your feet.

Don't want to get rid of your shoes? Try an orthotics health product first. Walkfit has custom inserts that can adjust the contours of the orthotic insoles and cushion your feet properly—they can alleviate tendonitis if that's your problem. But, do orthotics stop pain?

Runners commonly use orthotics, although they're not a cure-all. Running Times advocates getting a professionally fitted health care product or thoroughly checking out any store-bought varieties.

Orthotics optimize your muscles and you can wear them forever, however, you need to replace them every 12-18 months.

If orthotics don't stop your pain, it may be evidence of a bigger problem.

Throwing away or giving away those shoes will hurt less in the long run—no pun intended. However, Running Times advises not throwing away that old pair of athletic shoes, since an orthotics professional needs them to check your shoe and foot patterns and fit.

Is there a better way to take my blood pressure?

Take Your Blood Pressure Yourself—Before There's a Problem

As Seen In TV, you can tell when someone's blood pressure has hit an all-time high. Cartoon characters have red faces and smoke coming out of their ears. When Tony Soprano reaches for his gun, you know he should have used WrisTech to check his hypertension. The truth is, however, that high blood pressure is a deadlier, stealthier killer than Tony could ever be.

By the time you feel the effects of high blood pressure (like dehydration) you're too late to avoid the danger zone. What can you do? You can watch your wrist As Seen On TV. Supposedly, with the FDA-approved WrisTech, you don't even need the bulky cuff or stethoscope. Like a diabetes monitor, you can attach the device and monitor the LED readout before you have a problem. The wholesale price won't even raise your blood pressure!

• High blood pressure may not always be a measure of stress—monitor your diet
• Low blood pressure, hypotension (result of nervous system conditions), is dangerous too
• Normal blood pressure varies from person to person, so consult your doctor before you panic
• Medications can affect blood pressure

WrisTech can be a valuable self-diagnostic tool if you regularly check it (even when sitting still) and if you're armed with the right information.

How important is monitoring your blod pressure?

Monitoring Blood Pressure--It Works

Every home should have a blood pressure monitor (especially if anyone in the house suffers from heart conditions, stress, or obesity on the one hand for hypertension, and Parkinson's, medication side effects, and nervous disorders for hypotension on the other end of the systolic/diastolic scale). Before you buy CortiSlim, Enzyte, or any other As Seen On TV health care product, buy one that can actually save your life.

*Blood pressure monitors actually work, especially if you know your ideal blood pressure reading (which varies from person to person). Anything above or below that level is cause for concern. Sure, like the oven setting off the smoke detector accidentally, you might have a false alarm or two...but it's better to be prepared.

What works better a manual or electronic blood pressure monitor?

Manual vs. Automatic--Speaking Off the Cuff

You may actually be comfortable with the old-fashioned way of taking blood pressure, especially if you're bombarded with electronic and automatic health product ideas. However, do infomercials even sell manual blood pressure monitors? Yes, actually. Battery-powered, also AC-powered, manual cuff blood pressure monitors available through health care product infomercials are on a par with the equipment in a doctor's office.

Alternatively, if you're like many people and want a compact solution, automatic blood pressure monitors are probably your style. If you have thin or overly bulked-up arms, you may be uncomfortable with the cuff. WrisTech just fastens to your wrist, but it isn't an off-the-cuff solution!

Can stress and anxiety lead to weight problems?

Stress Is Making Me Fat--It's Not McDonald's

It's not an excuse—stress can make you fat, however, what happens during and even after is up to you. Anxiety and stress can throw off cortisol levels, but you need to get your metabolism in balance again with proper diet and exercise.

CortiSlim may be right for you, but the FDA has denounced its claims that it reduces appetite and aids weight loss. You may be better off with a natural health product option. Dr. Diana Schwarzbein says that we have serotonin, another natural hormone that keeps our weight in balance. When serotonin levels go down due to stress, we overeat—especially sugary foods. So, you may want to pay more attention to serotonin than cortisol.

With male enhancement don't I have to preplan all romantic interludes?

When He's Ready Now...Can Enzyte Help?

A successful 1990s comedian once quipped on the comedy circuit, "Women think sex is a beautiful thing if it's done right. Men think sex is a beautiful thing if it's done, period." This of course was pre-"Sex and the City" and all those male enhancement commercials that show women can often be as ready as men, anytime. In general, however, women are more concerned with romance and relationships. Guys, on the other hand, get impatient: about having to plan out the event—the disadvantage of Viagra. However, Cialis, like Enzyte, works immediately.

Cialis requires a prescription whereas Enzyte supposedly does not. However, buying a natural male enhancement health product without investigating it isn't's silly. Comedians may joke, but many men know that a satisfying encounter takes time. So, while you're making reservations at Diaghliev or L'Orangerie, check out the Enzyte Web site,

What is diastolic and systolic?

What Is Diastolic for $2000, Alex, and is Systolic Your Final Answer?

Systolic and diastolic sound like two ancient Greek philosophers but they are actually the two terms vital to understanding the readings you get from those your blood pressure monitors you bought from television.

• Diastolic is the amount of pressure that is exerted between heartbeats. This is the lowest point of pressure that is exerted on your arteries—it's your "at rest" reading.

• Systolic is the active reading. It's the maximum pressue exerted on your arteries and, if it's too high, it can signal prehypertension.

The American Heart Association considers a systolic reading of 120 or lower to be the healthiest and the diastolic number should be 80 or lower. Once those numbers fall between 120 and 139 over 80 through 89, it is considered prehypertension. You should also watch to see if the numbers spell prehypotension.

Use one of the health product blood pressure monitors to keep track of your systolic and diastolic numbers. You can use the cuff model or the wrist model with equal confidence.

What exactly is Cortisol?

Cortisol's Legit, But Is CortiSlim?

Don't let Bill O'Reilly's bulldog delivery fool you into thinking cortisol, the stress hormone, is a hoax. Bill is in the No Spin Zone, right? Whatever your politics, hormones are hormones. And, cortisol isn't the bad guy—even Bill admits that it's a necessary ingredient (like fats or some sugars). However, like some fats and sugars, cortisol can increase when you're under stress.

Like cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight, cortisol needs to be monitored and regulated. CortiSlim (which doesn't contain ephedra) is a health care product supposedly designed to keep your cortisol levels in balance....or should we say fair and balanced?

• A health product bulletin: The FDA has sent a cease and desist warning letter to CortiSlim regarding its false claims and 29 customers have filed a class action suit.

Why would I need orthotics?

Orthotics and Cinderella

Cinderella's story might have had a different ending if her feet had been tired and aching from dancing with her prince. In that case, the fairy godmother might have whipped out a pair of non-prescribed orthotics insoles. Presto—glass slippers slip on with ease!

If Cinderella had plantar facitis or fallen arches (maybe from wearing glass slippers), orthotics would work better than a pumpkin coach. Of course, if Cindy's obese stepsister had tried orthotics, she might have ended up with the prince.

Orthotics insoles are made up of material that molds to the foot and eliminates foot pain. Whether you buy Orthotics Phase 4 or Walkfit, you don't need a prescription unless you have foot problems that require medical care. If you're a runner, however, you'll need to get your orthotics professionally fitted just because of the demands on your feet.

* You should always consult your doctor and pay attention to symptoms to make sure foot pain isn't the sign of a greater problem with your feet or your bones. You may need professional orthotics or othopedic treatment. Orthotics won't help, or even fit, if your feet are swollen—which may indicate edema and should be checked immediately.

As Cinderella discovered, luckily for her, foot care isn't a one-size-fits-all solution.

Can a man improve his sex life as he gets oder?

Enzyte...or Oysters?

You've seen the endless prescription male enhancement drugs, and now there's the "blue pill," Enzyte. Can anything with an advertisement featuring a smiling '50s homemaker (so stereotypical) actually work? Especially since it's anon-prescription natural male enhancement health product?

While blood flow is a problem as men age, magic pills may not be the answer. Enzyte's own advertisements state that it's not a penis enlargement drug or an erectile dysfunction health care product (you can tell that because there isn't a two-minute list of side effects at the end of the commercial).

* Get up and moving, quit smoking, and eat better to feel in the mood for love again. Zinc supplements and eating food high in zinc (not just oysters) can help.

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