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I know the government gives some money to different programs, is there a resource I can use to find where it goes?

Matthew Lesko Free Government Money --Is It Free?

Matthew Lesko shows you how to get a piece of the pork barrel and free government money with his As Seen On TV products. You can make back some of your hard-earned tax dollars with the phone numbers, addresses, and even Web addresses of government organizations available from Matthew Lesko, who also publishes an e-mail newsletter. Think you want the book? Think about these things first:

• Keep in mind that while he offers to get you free money, the book is not free
• Always check the government guidelines—make sure you qualify before you apply
• Government grant applications are extensive so, if you're a nonprofit, buy the Lesko book
• If you're a nonprofit, consider hiring a grant writer—and budget for one

Can I get the benefits of hearing aid without the huge cost?

Hear Again with Sonic Earz...But Listen Up

How did this happen? You're straining to hear the TV or radio when your spouse is telling you it's too loud—you're turning into your parents. Some hearing loss is inevitable (especially if you were a wild child at Woodstock listening to music at high decibels). Still, you'd hate to get a hearing aid. They're bulky and expensive.

Does Sonic Earz really work? Medical suppliers who sell the device (at not much more than the wholesale As Seen On TV price) highly recommend this As Seen On TV item, since Sonic Earz claims to amplify sounds for 60 feet away and up to 50 decibels, assuring that you'll never miss out on a jazz or classical concert.

* KCBD-TV in Texas did an investigation. Sonic Earz apparently worked less well than expected in a crowded newsroom with 20 different conversations, police scanners going off, and producers yelling. Also, the KCBD-TV reporter said Sonic Earz is motion-sensitive (which means no sudden moves).

KHNL NBC-8 in Hawaii also did a report, and the investigative reporter said that Sonic Earz amplified the TV volume, unfortunately along with all the other ambient noise.

* Don't believe everything you hear on TV news. Test for yourself.

What is my best choice for clear UV blocking sunglasses?

Exceptional Blublocker Clarity Sunglasses have a decision to make after viewing several As Seen On TV product infomercials. Blublocker Sunglasses or Eagle Eyes?

Since both are polarized, you can't go wrong. However, the As Seen On TV review I conducted gives the edge to Blublocker Sunglasses, worn by American troops in Enduring Freedom and Tom Cruise in "Top Gun." Okay, the Tom Cruise Aviator model may be a replica—but it's still cool.

It should be noted Blublocker Sunglasses have ventilation ducts at the top of the glasses...presto, automatic defogger. And, the glasses look complimentary on both the male and female models in the photos.

* I've ordered Eagle Eyes and they're also excellent. Still, you can't beat an endorsement from the US Armed Forces.

Is there a way to enhance the sound of my cell phone speaker?

Hands Free Conference Calling over Your Car Speakers

Even when cell phones are implanted in our ears (it's not science fiction), chances are we'll still yell, "Hello? Hello? You're breaking up!" And, hands-free or not, we'll still be distracted.

For now, normal cell phones don't seem to fit the human ear, and cell phone designers ignore the people around them shouting over the Nokia. Ever notice that you always make your voice as loud as the person you're talking to? That's because both you and your friend on the other end of the line have to crank up the volume just to hear every other word.

It's even worse in your car—of course, you know you're not supposed to talk and drive, right? It's against the law in some states. However, if your conference call with Tokyo can't wait, heaven forbid you should have noise in your car—such as other drivers honking at you!

Now, thanks to As Seen On TV, a product claims to remedy your mobile woes. The FoneFree Hands Free Speakerphone As Seen On TV item clips to your cell phone and connects to your car stereo speakers. You just adjust your speaker volume, and presto, you can hear your colleague saw "Konichi-wa," or hello in Japanese.

* While your hands may be free, your attention should be on the road. You'll have a harder time hearing your colleague or spouse if a police officer is barking at you to step out of the car. If you must make conference calls, pull into a rest area or restaurant parking lot (refill on coffee and get something to eat while you're at it!) This is good advice for when we're all wired with cell phone implants.

How can I learn to draw quickly?

Draw Like An Artist Immediately

Dreaming of drawing the Mona Lisa? Why not try to crack the Da Vinci Code while you're at it? Actually, thanks to the many excellent As Seen On TV art products out there, copying the Mona Lisa is easier than trying to prove or disprove controversial theories.

One particular As Seen On TV item, Digi Draw, can be used to trace any illustration, photo, or picture on the reflective panel. Cartoon flipbooks and ready-made backgrounds help your imagination run wild! A few hints:

• Always make sure to supervise very young children—and join in the fun!
• Copying copyrighted material to sell is a no-no, unless you're authorized to make reproductions
• Digi Draw can be great to use as part of art class to duplicate the technique of master painters

What is the best way to combat allergies?

Allergens and Ionic Air Purifiers

Mold, cat dander, ragweed, dust, peanuts, smoke, plywood, paint—take any typical household and, chances are, most everyone is allergic to something. You can spend a fortune on medical prevention and treatment but, add air duct cleaning and furnace filter bills just to help you breathe, and you might think it's easier to sneeze and wheeze your way through life.

Even though you should have your air ducts and furnace filters checked, an As Seen On TV item offers a cheaper solution. The Ionic Breeze Quadra Air Purifier, Ionic Pro, or the Ionic Air Purifier may be right for you. These units trip pollutants in the air and suck them right into a grid or screen (like a vacuum cleaner for allergens). Ionic air purifiers have been proven to be an invaluable help in allergy reduction. They can fit on your desk, in your office, or they can stand in a corner to trap Fluffy's dander.

From personal experience, I can tell you that ionic air purifiers work great if you share a home with some who smokes. If your loved one won't go for a smoking cessation As Seen On TV item, then you might invest in an ionic air purifier.

A caveat and an As Seen On TV review tip: If you're sneezing, don't just run out and buy a wholesale As Seen On TV air purifier. Find out what you're allergic to (or even if you have allergies). Your sneezing and coughing may be a sign of a one-time event, e.g. the house being repainted, or you might have respiratory problems.

*Don't neglect your cooling and heating system. You need checkups and so does your house.

There has got to be an easier way to trim unwanted hairs?

An Electric Razor the Size of a Pen

Do you dread your morning shave, lugging out the cream or gel and razor? Shaving can be annoying and time-consuming and you risk the pain and irritation of after-burn. Even with cream, shaving the bikini line is not for the faint of heart (especially since surveys report women now like men to shave there too)!

Unless you're planning to move to Europe, you also need to tame the underarm jungle. Shaving's a not-so-bare necessity that just won't go away. Fortunately, you can streamline your morning routine, especially if you travel frequently.

You might want to invest in one of the As Seen On TV portable, compact hair trimmers. Your average hair trimmer As Seen On TV item is the size (and roughly the shape) of a fountain pen—just don't confuse them and try to use one during your business meeting. The hypoallergenic blade makes whisking away unwanted hair easy. Many trimmers also have an extra attachment to shape eyebrows to a uniform length (under no circumstance should you ever shave your eyebrows—they don't always grow back.)

* Do an As Seen On TV review to see which hair trimmer is right for you. There are trimmers just for leg hair and bikini lines.

I want to keep my car looking nice without all of the extra work, any ideas?

Easy Wax Job for Your Car with Durashine

Turtle Wax, Durashine, do you compare As Seen On TV car waxing products? With your ever-longer to-do list, waxing your car is low on the priority list. But you've just caught a glimpse of a Durashine offer As Seen In TV and the shine on the car is so bright you gotta wear shades (even though it's midnight)! Plus, the Durashine comes with a free 32 oz bottle of Durawash.

Do wholesale As Seen On TV car wax products work? We looked for a positive As Seen On TV review. users enthusiastically rate Turtle Wax 4 out of 5 stars overall.

With Durashine, for example, you can wipe on the Durashine with a soft cloth (try one from an auto supply store) and then go straight to hosing it off. It's less labor-intensive than you imagined and your car will be the envy of the neighborhood...or at least your in-laws.

* Tip: Before you buy, check to see whether you need to reapply a wax or polish (especially if your car finish is clear coat paint). Clear coat paint makes it difficult to determine whether your Honda needs a polish. You may think your car is looking good, but the polish may need attention.

Does your car need waxing? Try this simple test: After washing and drying your car, take a clean, dry 100% cotton terry cloth towel. Fold it until you have a thick towel that your hand fits comfortably across with no fingers poking out. Push down on your car with the towel and twist it in a clockwise/counter clockwise manner. If you hear squeaking, that's a sure sign you need to order that Durashine!

Are there any sing along songs with contemporary songs?

Kids Sing Along, "American Idol" Style

Kids' singalong or karaoke systems are "American Idol" without Simon Cowell, Ryan Seacrest, and Paula Abdul (yes, that's a good thing). There's no guarantee a karaoke machine will land your child on "Star Search," but kids love to sing and need creative expression.

There are many music machines out there, made by everybody from Fisher-Price to Disney to Barbie (all of these are family-friendly with no offensive lyrics).

Music machines come with CDs and DVDs. Of course, there's an As Seen On TV item: Kidz Bop. Kidz Bop is unique because the songs are contemporary favorites sung by other kids—children love to hear and sing along to songs sung by other children.

This might be a PG/Tipper Gore warning: Some of the songs on the Kidz Bop albums are clearly intended for teens, "Oops, I Did It Again," "Livin' La Vida Loca," and the like. However, no need to fret: Kidz Bop makes the lyrics kid-friendly. There seems to be nothing objectionable and no expensive equipment to buy.

* We don't have to tell you to listen to these albums yourself. You can do your parental duty and enjoy these fun, energetic songs…without Simon around to make sarcastic comments!

I miss Vegas, is there any souvenir that will always remind me of my visits there?

Real Life Casino Slot Machines Don't Stay in Vegas

Hey, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so you'll have to leave the slot machines there, right? Wrong. With the King Pulsar As Seen On TV product, you can have your own casino slot machine. And, the best part is that your money stays with you.

The King Pulsar casino slot machine has all the bells and whistles that a Vegas slot machine offers (minus the free drinks). This official casino slot machine operates on tokens—you get 200 for your money.

* If you have a gambling problem, don't pick up the phone and order this—call Gamblers Anonymous.

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