As Seen On TV Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to organize my leftovers without an endless search for plastic containers?

Will my smart spin containers warp or melt in the dishwasher?

Will my kitchen cabinet organizer hold up to multiple uses in the micrawave?

Is there an easier way to keep track of all of my household batteries?

What is the easist way to test for dead batteries?

Is there a way to shrink some if my possessions to save space?

What can I store in my space bag?

Aren't mini-trampolines and urban rebounders the same thing?

I don't have much space, can I still get an active workout?

Is there a piece of equipment that would help me stay motivated while I walk.

Do ab machines really work?

Can I combine martial arts with an exercise program?

What is so special about products from the dead sea.

Who has the best dead sea products?

What's the best way to get an even tan without getting in the sun?

Is it important to keep my skin moisturized with sunless tanning?

Can I remove stains from my teeth?

Can I get fuller breast without surgery?

Can I find a bra that I can wear with a strapless dress?

How can I style and dry my hair at the same time?

What can I do to reduce my spider veins?

What are stretch marks?

Can you get rid of stretch marks once you have them

Can surgery remove stretch marks?

Can lasers remove stretch marks?

Can you permanently remove wrinkles?

Is there a better alternative to Botox?

How can I keep from getting more wrinkles?

Can orthotics help with knee or back pain?

Why would I need orthotics?

How important is monitoring your blod pressure?

What is diastolic and systolic?

What works better a manual or electronic blood pressure monitor?

Can a man improve his sex life as he gets oder?

With male enhancement don't I have to preplan all romantic interludes?

Can stress and anxiety lead to weight problems?

What exactly is Cortisol?

Is there a kitchen knife that can stand up to severe punishment?

Is there a safe way to make somores indoors?

Is there a way to dry my dishes, save space and not create a water mess on my counter?

I couldn't flip a burger without throwing it in my neighbors yard, is there help out there for me?

So you're telling me I can put a bag in and oven and cook my food in it?

Is there a better way to preserve my leftovers than with plstic bowls and lids?

Why can't there be a one size fits all lid to save clutter in my cupboard?

What's the most cost effective full knife set?

Is there an easier way to carry my things than a backpack.

Do I have to get on a ladder to clean my gutters?

How can I keep my guters from getting clogged?

How can I tie down simple items around my house with permanence?

I need a 6 foot and a 20 foot ladder but only have room for one, which should I buy?

Is there a way to make soldering easier and less dangerous?

Without measuring can I make sure my picures are hung evenly?

Is there another way to hav an alarm system other than wiring my house?

I don't have a lot of money to spend on security, what can I do?

What is the best close contact self defense option?

I cannot see my driveway from the inside of my house, is there a way to alert me when someone pulls in?

I know the government gives some money to different programs, is there a resource I can use to find where it goes?

What is my best choice for clear UV blocking sunglasses?

I miss Vegas, is there any souvenir that will always remind me of my visits there?

I've always used oxi clean, do they have something that will clean my dishes?

Some surfaces clean easier than others, is there a product that specializes in different areas of cleaning?

How can I get my jewelrty as clean as my jeweler does?

What is the best mop to use?

Is there anything out there that I can use to restore some of my surfaces?

Is there a way to store my food for long periods using something sturdier than a bag?

Is there a mop that wil pick up the micro dust particles that other mops leave behind?

Is there finally a way to cook bacon in the microwave?

Is there an easy way to repair hems and lost buttons?

Where can I find an inexpensive but well designed cardio workout machine?

How can I save space and organize my shoes?

Is there a way to enhance the sound of my cell phone speaker?

What's the best tool fro sweeping and cleaning big outside messes?

Is there a natural source of heavy duty cleaning solutions?

Can you cook in plastic?

What is the best way to clean in between my teeth?

What is the best metal to make shavers out of?

What is the best way to combat allergies?

How can I learn to draw quickly?

Is there a natural way to fight arthritis?

Is a pressure cooker still the best way to cook without using oils?

Without using ladders or chairs what's the best way to reach top shelves?

Can I get stadium hot dogs in my home?

If my garden hose springs a leak can I repair it?

There has got to be an easier way to trim unwanted hairs?

Is there any plastic ware that can stand up to microwave use?

Can you make blooming onions at home?

Can you still get Red Skelton videos?

Can I get the benefits of hearing aid without the huge cost?

Is there a tool that can be use as a dolly and heavy duty carrier for yard work?

Is it true I can save my deductible by repairing my own windshield?

I want to keep my car looking nice without all of the extra work, any ideas?

Is there any flashlight out there guaranteed to work when I grab for it in the dark?

I would love to fly model planes but that hobby is expensive, are there any alternatives?

I am tired of microwave cooking, can I use something that will make food taste like mom used to cook?

Can you cook an egg in a microwave?

Can I fix car dents myself?

Are there any sing along songs with contemporary songs?

Is there a better way to take my blood pressure?

What can I do with the space between the top of my television and the entertainment center?

Is there a way to et driving directions without having to look at a map?

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