Removing Stretch Marks

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Can you get rid of stretch marks once you have them

Removing Stretch Marks

As Frank Sinatra sang, "That's life...and stretch marks." Okay, Frank, even with his many marriages, never mentioned stretch marks. But, like wrinkles, stretch marks are a part of life—as awkward as they may look when you're trying on a swimsuit. Some women refuse to eradicate the evidence of having a child, preferring natural womanly looks.

Not even surgery can completely remove stretch marks—no stretch mark treatment can. You can use a stretch mark cream, such as Stretch Away, to replenish your collagen levels. Also try following these other stretch mark treatment hints:

• To rebuild the tissue, use skin care products such as moisturizers rich in vitamin E and cocoa butter.

• To prevent stretch marks the first time or to ward off new marks, drink plenty of fluids and eat a diet rich in zinc, silica and vitamin E.

• Exercise to keep your skin supple, moving, and glowing.



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