Stretch Mark Surgery

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Can surgery remove stretch marks?

Stretch Mark Surgery

Tummy tucks, radical new skin products, stretch mark creams (such as Stretch Away or StriVectin-SD), what's the right stretch mark treatment for you?

StriVectin-SD is supposedly so powerful at eliminating stretch marks that women have begun using it to treat facial wrinkles. The jury, however, is still out on the effectiveness.

Tummy tucks, or abdominoplasty surgery, top the list in surgical stretch mark treatment. Stretch marks, or striate, usually develop below the belly button on the lower abdomen after puberty, pregnancy, or rapid weight gain. Tummy tucks help rebuild the tissue, unlike laser surgery. Bear in mind, however, that any surgery can't completely eliminate stretch marks.

Can't afford or don't want the surgical option? Skin products such as StriVectin or Stretch Away can work well to diminish but can never eradicate stretch marks.

* Don't use any radical new skin care products whose claims haven't been tested.



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