Stopping Pain With Orthotics: Tips From Runners

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Can orthotics help with knee or back pain?

Stopping Pain With Orthotics: Tips From Runners

Tendons sore? It might be tendonitis related to the five-block walk you took in poorly fitting Jimmy Choos or worn-out sneakers. Make the rubber hit the road and check out your feet.

Don't want to get rid of your shoes? Try an orthotics health product first. Walkfit has custom inserts that can adjust the contours of the orthotic insoles and cushion your feet properly—they can alleviate tendonitis if that's your problem. But, do orthotics stop pain?

Runners commonly use orthotics, although they're not a cure-all. Running Times advocates getting a professionally fitted health care product or thoroughly checking out any store-bought varieties.

Orthotics optimize your muscles and you can wear them forever, however, you need to replace them every 12-18 months.

If orthotics don't stop your pain, it may be evidence of a bigger problem.

Throwing away or giving away those shoes will hurt less in the long run—no pun intended. However, Running Times advises not throwing away that old pair of athletic shoes, since an orthotics professional needs them to check your shoe and foot patterns and fit.



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