Reynolds Started the Oven Bag Trend

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So you're telling me I can put a bag in and oven and cook my food in it?

Reynolds Started the Oven Bag Trend

They say that most great inventions came about by accident. I don't know what the inventor was thinking...was it a single guy musing, "Hmmm, if only I could reheat food in takeout bags," or a busy mom or dad thinking, "The stove's tied up and/or the kids are hungry...I'd like to heat food evenly in the microwave."

Reynolds Wrap recently introduced their conventional oven bag, the one advertised by the two ladies cleaning up while sitting in lounge chairs. Now, As Seen On TV takes the trend further with the Brown N Crisp wholesale kitchen product (though Reynolds also offers a microwave bag).

Supposedly, Brown N Crisp cooking bags act as a vacuum food sealer for food, locking in taste and freshness in the microwave. Supposedly, they're also reusable...but is that safe?

The FDA recommends microwave cooking bags. No one should ever use plastic bags—which can leak into food. Always be sure to wipe microwave safe bags with a damp cloth and a little disinfectant.



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