Everybody's On Camera...Just Ask Rodney King

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I don't have a lot of money to spend on security, what can I do?

Everybody's On Camera...Just Ask Rodney King

Can't afford an expensive home monitoring system? Try the equivalent of a scarecrow or an owl to scare away birds. Fake security cameras work well. Just the idea that a burglar might be on camera is enough to make your average robber think twice...we all remember Rodney King!

Fake security cameras are inexpensive, personal security products with a motion detector sensor that makes the camera swivel when someone approaches your property. The cameras might even deter your neighbors from asking to borrow your lawn mower all the time, or if you install the cameras in your business, keep workers and customers honest.

* Even critical Netizens agree fake security cameras work and a member of the DSLReports.com Hot Deals forum offered several for sale.



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