Not In My Driveway You Don't

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I cannot see my driveway from the inside of my house, is there a way to alert me when someone pulls in?

Not In My Driveway You Don't

Your home is your castle and it's nice to know when it's about to be visited or invaded. Even the best security system has its flaws...a plane did, after all, recently cross the no-fly zone over the White House. But, if you don't even have Secret Service, what do you do? Can the Driveway Patrol driveway alarm home security product work?

A little forewarning is better than nothing and most criminals hate even a hint that a house is armed. The Driveway Patrol uses an infrared sensor to send a signal to you when a criminal crosses your driveway or sets foot on your porch. The signal works up to 400 feet, is weather resistant, and runs on batteries.

* An alarm doesn't deter if the criminals don't know it's there. Post alarm system signs and Driveway Patrol announcements right at the edge of your property and on your front door. That way, if you hear someone retreating from your house and wonder if the Driveway Patrol did the job...don't worry, it didn't have to. For most burglars, the mere hint of home security products is enough.



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