Don't Just Clean, Oxi Clean?

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I've always used oxi clean, do they have something that will clean my dishes?

Don't Just Clean, Oxi Clean?

Oxi Clean has branched out from a stubborn-stain specialist to a mulit-purpose home cleaning products supplier. The company purports to get out that stubborn latte stain on your carpet, grout, or favorite white/cream business suit—even from your baby's clothes if you happen to spill a drop while trying to sneak a morning pick-me-up at 5 a.m. The dishwashing detergent may even get the old coffee residue from your Starbucks mug. However, is the power of oxygenation cleaning really that much better than other cleaners?

Sarah Aguirre of's Housekeeping Guide rates Oxi Clean products highly however, warns that repeated applications are necessary.



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