Hands Free Conference Calling over Your Car Speakers

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Is there a way to enhance the sound of my cell phone speaker?

Hands Free Conference Calling over Your Car Speakers

Even when cell phones are implanted in our ears (it's not science fiction), chances are we'll still yell, "Hello? Hello? You're breaking up!" And, hands-free or not, we'll still be distracted.

For now, normal cell phones don't seem to fit the human ear, and cell phone designers ignore the people around them shouting over the Nokia. Ever notice that you always make your voice as loud as the person you're talking to? That's because both you and your friend on the other end of the line have to crank up the volume just to hear every other word.

It's even worse in your car—of course, you know you're not supposed to talk and drive, right? It's against the law in some states. However, if your conference call with Tokyo can't wait, heaven forbid you should have noise in your car—such as other drivers honking at you!

Now, thanks to As Seen On TV, a product claims to remedy your mobile woes. The FoneFree Hands Free Speakerphone As Seen On TV item clips to your cell phone and connects to your car stereo speakers. You just adjust your speaker volume, and presto, you can hear your colleague saw "Konichi-wa," or hello in Japanese.

* While your hands may be free, your attention should be on the road. You'll have a harder time hearing your colleague or spouse if a police officer is barking at you to step out of the car. If you must make conference calls, pull into a rest area or restaurant parking lot (refill on coffee and get something to eat while you're at it!) This is good advice for when we're all wired with cell phone implants.



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