Pick Ups--Should You Gopher It?

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Without using ladders or chairs what's the best way to reach top shelves?

Pick Ups--Should You Gopher It?

As Seen On TV wisdom holds that peanut butter and jelly go together like short legs and the Gopher. Honest—As Seen In TV, it's a satisfaction-guaranteed saying! Okay, perhaps not. After all, there are such things as stepladders (especially when you buy another As Seen on TV item, the Total Trolley). However, they don't make stepladders to pick up your glasses when you drop them.

If you have bad knees or are disabled, you probably find it difficult to reach high or low. That's where the Deluxe Gopher may lend a helping hand. The three-pronged Gopher is reportedly an extension of your arm (like the attachments all your favorite superheroes had). You can grab items off the high shelves or off the floor. And, if you have back pain, the three-foot extra reach prevents bending and crouching.

* A little stretching is good for your back so don't get too lazy with this gadget.



9/22/2006 3:43:30 AM
Suzy Q said:

Hello? Maybe just stop putting stuff where you cant reach it.....Is it just me or doesnt any one else see the simple remedy? How did you get it up there in the first place?


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