Easy Wax Job for Your Car with Durashine

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I want to keep my car looking nice without all of the extra work, any ideas?

Easy Wax Job for Your Car with Durashine

Turtle Wax, Durashine, Durawash...how do you compare As Seen On TV car waxing products? With your ever-longer to-do list, waxing your car is low on the priority list. But you've just caught a glimpse of a Durashine offer As Seen In TV and the shine on the car is so bright you gotta wear shades (even though it's midnight)! Plus, the Durashine comes with a free 32 oz bottle of Durawash.

Do wholesale As Seen On TV car wax products work? We looked for a positive As Seen On TV review. Epinions.com users enthusiastically rate Turtle Wax 4 out of 5 stars overall.

With Durashine, for example, you can wipe on the Durashine with a soft cloth (try one from an auto supply store) and then go straight to hosing it off. It's less labor-intensive than you imagined and your car will be the envy of the neighborhood...or at least your in-laws.

* Tip: Before you buy, check to see whether you need to reapply a wax or polish (especially if your car finish is clear coat paint). Clear coat paint makes it difficult to determine whether your Honda needs a polish. You may think your car is looking good, but the polish may need attention.

Does your car need waxing? Try this simple test: After washing and drying your car, take a clean, dry 100% cotton terry cloth towel. Fold it until you have a thick towel that your hand fits comfortably across with no fingers poking out. Push down on your car with the towel and twist it in a clockwise/counter clockwise manner. If you hear squeaking, that's a sure sign you need to order that Durashine!



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