New Hope For Pressure Cooking Fans

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Can I get stadium hot dogs in my home?

New Hope For Pressure Cooking Fans

Do you want to cook better and live healthier? Sally Struthers says, As Seen On TV, "Sure, we all do!" Or say we do, anyway.

However, if you're serious about steaming and slow cooking your food for tenderness and flavor, you probably have several cooking projects going. So, while you've got roast chicken in the oven and several pots on the stove, you want to time your healthy meal just right. Pressure cookers take a long time and, if you're like most people today, you feel you don't have time to spare. There's always the microwave—but you don't like the taste of microwave food.

The MicroMaster, As Seen In TV, is a pressure cooker for the microwave that taps into microwave convection currents and steams your food in a fraction of the time a conventional pressure cooker takes. Even if you're cooking meat in the MicroMaster while there's a vegetarian casserole in the oven, the meat is supposedly so tender it will fall right off the bone.

If you're considering buying one of these puppies, here are some things to think about:

• The MicroMaster is a microwave-safe pot, not metal, so no need to worry about safety.

• You can even cook hot dogs that turn out stadium-quality, and they just might be healthier (especially if you use real beef, turkey or chicken franks).

• A new wrinkle in the As Seen On TV review: MicroMaster is available for sale on, an earthquake readiness store. Are you curious why? I am. Wouldn't the microwave be inoperable in an earthquake such as the recent ones in Guatemala and Southern California? The wholesale As Seen On TV reach is endless!



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