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I don't have much space, can I still get an active workout?

The Best Workout On The Rebound?

You've heard that you shouldn't date on the rebound or diet on the rebound. You can, however, work out on the rebound with J.B. Berns' Urban Rebounder (a jazzy martial-arts style fitness product that has the energy of the urban groove).

The Urban Rebounder isn't one of the herky-jerky hip-hop workouts. It eliminates pounding on the joints and cushions your workout like a yoga mat. The workouts help engage the second art or stabilizing muscles as you bounce on a trampoline-like surface.

• The Urban Rebounder is found in over 3,000 gyms
• It is ideal for travel since it folds easily
• If you decide to call the As Seen On TV operator and order, you'll be paying for quality and safety

Do ab machines really work?

Ab-solutely a Good Buy? Or Snake Oil?

Abdominal exercise equipment and crash diets have been this century's equivalent of snake oil...well, except for dot-com stocks. How do you know that the As Seen On TV fitness product of the night won't gather dust because it didn't do what it was promised? Try checking out reviews online. And, remember that seeing is believing.

Keep in mind that any exercise system won't deliver what you expect unless you're willing to work for results. So, if you want to see that excess weight melt away, you'll have to put in the effort and dedication that it takes. And, on top of the work out, be sure to eat a sensible diet.

Can I combine martial arts with an exercise program?

Infomercials, Tae Bo and Eastern Philosophy

Ancient Buddhist masters say, "When you get your money back guaranteed, trust As Seen On TV." They also say that Billy Blank's Tae Bo Get Ripped fitness product is a wise decision and an eye-opener for anyone who thinks infomercials and Eastern philosophy are at odds.

Billy Blank is a true success story who overcame poverty, dyslexia, and physical disability. He has a solid reputation and a fan following at, where the prices are as reasonable as the exercise equipment costs in your favorite infomercials. Billy Blank mixes tae bo, aerobics and Pilates—a powerhouse workout with a one-two punch, Eastern style. Blank pays attention to form, style and technique, taking the time and care that's an integral part of Eastern thought.

* Always consult with a doctor before picking up the phone and calling to order the Tae Bo or any other workout program.

Where can I find an inexpensive but well designed cardio workout machine?

Body By Jake--And By You

Is a Body by Jake ideal for you? If you're worried about Body by Haagen-Dazs, the As Seen On TV Cardio Cruiser might work for you, especially with Jake's 30-day results-oriented fat burning workout included. The workout coach to the stars wouldn't design any fitness equipment that won't help you meet your full body goals, without injuring yourself.

But wait, there's more! You're used to workout machines that look like they hurt, and may not have worked. There are plenty of fitness scams, but Body by Jake is a recognized name. Chances are you won't find a rip-off on a wholesale As Seen On TV infomercial.

* Before you order, make sure you want a full body workout and that the Cardio Cruiser fits your style. If you're used to upright workout, you might have difficulty adjusting to the reclining Cardio Cruiser. Also, if you're looking for weight training, you should seek another As Seen On TV fitness product.

Is there a piece of equipment that would help me stay motivated while I walk.

A Workout Buddy That Just Needs Batteries

Can't find workout buddies? Are your friends, neighbors, and family either too harried or unenthusiastic to worry about keeping fit? Don't lose your passion. You can advertise at the gym for a workout buddy. While you're waiting,however, consider getting the Talking Pedometer fitness product As Seen On TV. Like a coach or your best friend, it promises to sing a tune (though not off key) and motivate you with chatter. Plus, unlike most fitness equipment, you can fit it in the palm of your hand or clip it on.

* If electronic voices (such as in alarm clock radios and touchtone menus) annoy you, the Talking Pedometer probably isn't a good investment.

Aren't mini-trampolines and urban rebounders the same thing?

Mini-Tramps and Urban Rebounders

No, the headline doesn't refer to bands or new urban slang, but to exercise equipment.

While flimsy mini-trampolines can be inexpensive fun, the urban rebounder, which looks similar, is a full-fledged intensive workout fitness product. It's in many gyms (such as Bally's and Gold's Gym) worldwide.

* Mini-tramps aren't designed for heavy jumping or for 300-pound football players. The springs and mesh give way too easily, as opposed to the high yield reinforced steel springs of the Urban Rebounder. The Urban Rebounder is designed specifically with the urban rebounding workout in mind. A mini-trampoline is more for light, fun workouts and wouldn't withstand heavy workouts.

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