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Is there a way to make soldering easier and less dangerous?

Cold Soldering--Yes, A Good Thing

Give your DIY home improvement project of the week a cold solder before your family gets hot with impatience at yet another unfinished project. Can a better soldering DIY home improvement project really help you finish what you started? It may eliminate an excuse for hanging up your solderer.

The cordless compact Cold Heat is battery-operated, and you don't have to worry about giving it a rest. Normally, solder can scorch when you set the tool down but the Cold Heat tip is only hot during actual soldering.

* Reviews of Hot and Cold by DIY home improvement product aficionados have been hot and cold. Judge for yourself—you're the ultimate tester. Remember, however, to always wear safety goggles.

Without measuring can I make sure my picures are hung evenly?

Shine a Laser Light on Hanging Pictures

Is the picture askew or are you? There's a philosophical question to think about while you're watching infomercials. Supposedly, the Laser Straight can eliminate philosophical debate as well as the need for DIY home improvement product staples (such as heavy old-fashioned levels and rulers).

Laser Straight claims to project a straight line, rather like a laser ruler, that you can use to rehang pictures, install shelves, and put up any and curtain rods. Are you enlightened yet? Is this a philosophy that can hold water like Archimedes?

• The laser may vanish when it hits a curve in the wall.

• The Laser Straight is easy to use.

• The Laser Straight initially had problems with sticking to painted surfaces rather than drywall so it now comes with pins to fasten it to any surface.

Enlightenment at last!

How can I keep my guters from getting clogged?

Screen Calls, Screen Gutters

While the DIY home improvement product jury is still out on the efficiency of gutter screens, we couldn't get through to them because they screened their calls. Gutter screens and caller ID help eliminate leaves and telemarketers from your life. Supposedly, the Gutter Screen attaches easily to your standard gutter and traps leaves as well as other debris. If you opt to buy one, however, keep these things in mind:

• You may still need a gutter cleaner such as the Gutter Blaster for stubborn debris still lodged in your gutters.

• Small debris can clog the Gutter Screen, so be sure to remove and clean it regularly. You might blast it with the Gutter Blaster!

Now, let's hope those telemarketers don't call when you're replacing your Gutter Screen.

If my garden hose springs a leak can I repair it?

Newbie (and Desperate) Plumbers' Helper?

Do you have a Mr. or Mrs. Fixit-DIY expert around the house? Maybe you're all just dreading a plumber's visit and seeing the plumber's pants that ride down too far (unless the plumber looks like James Denton of "Desperate Housewives," in which case you may not want to order your own plumbing solution As Seen In TV).

The Leak Ender 2000 As Seen On TV item isn't a permanent fix on major pipes in your bathroom or kitchen. It's a quick-fix-it solution until you can call James Denton. It's a watertight sealant that also supposedly works on walls, gutters, air conditioners, foundations...even pools for bikini-clad Desperate Housewives.

A few As Seen On TV review tips if you're thinking about skipping the plumbing bills for a wholesale As Seen On TV patch job:

• There are shut-off valves under your kitchen or bathroom sink if the leak is there. You can turn the shut-off valve to seal the pipe and stop the leak.

• Don't hesitate to call in a plumber, or ask for advice at the hardware store. It's less expensive to pay for service than to deal with mold and water damage. You can ask for referrals and comparison shop.

These tips aside, you won't waste your money or time with the Leak Ender 2000.

I need a 6 foot and a 20 foot ladder but only have room for one, which should I buy?

Help For the Height Challenged with the Little Giant Ladder

We weren't making a short joke. The Little Giant Ladder is meant for uneven surfaces and various heights—it's a home improvement product that seems to be constructed on a telescoping tripod model to stabilize the ladder—no matter what surface it rests on. It comes in a variety of extension and stepladder heights, depending on your DIY home improvement needs. It's supposed to be a space-saving DIY home improvement product that won't shortchange you. Want one? Safety first:

• When working on a ladder, especially resting on an uneven surface, have a DIY partner or family member hold the ladder or "spot" you.

• Don't rest tools on the ladder steps if you can avoid it—climbing up and down ladders to fetch tools is like getting a stair climber machine workout!

How can I tie down simple items around my house with permanence?

Don't Trip any Wires with the Handy Bundler

Electricians, linemen, construction workers, cable repair guys, and computer repair pros who regularly secure wires, fences, piping, and other cumbersome hazards deserve respect--r at the least they deserve the Handy Bundler. If it can handle the tangle of cords behind your computer, it can handle power cables. And, by the way, it can also secure the moorings inside when your boat's afloat. Is this DIY home improvement product a bundle of joy?

* We know of one Netizen who used the handy-bundler to secure a portable DVD player in the car to prevent jarring during rest stops. Now, any home improvement product that can help with the kids during long car trips is truly handy!

Do I have to get on a ladder to clean my gutters?

Cleaning Gutters Like Buttah Without Ladders

Are you verklempt when you think of trying to reach your leaf-clogged gutters—who would also seem to be verklempt? Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic. The Gutter Blaster is neither a gutter nor a blaster. Discuss.

If you're a short talk show hostess from Long Island, you hate getting on ladders to do a gutter cleaner job. Will the Gutter Blaster work? It attaches to your regular garden hose or faucet and you can water blast all the debris to the downspout. Now, let's Coffee Talk about this DIY home improvement product. It's supposed to rotate and swivel.

So, you want to use the Gutter Blaster? First, you need good water pressure. If you don't have it, put down the coffee and do something about it. Once you have the pressure, however, DoItYourself.com suggests that you insert the hose or gutter cleaner inside the downspout and speal it off with some rags so the blockage ejects out the top.

You may still need the Little Giant Ladder...but at this point maybe you could get your Coffee Talk buddy to help.

Is there an easier way to carry my things than a backpack.

Luggage Carts Are Home Improvement Too

Like the Total Trolley, the Pack 'n Roll qualifies as a DIY home improvement product. After all, your home looks improved without clutter around! You can even store fold-up luggage (such as garment bags) with the foldaway Pack 'N Roll when you're not using it.

The Pack 'N Roll eliminates the need for a luggage cart at the airport (though Homeland Security will search it.) In addition, it can carry tools or any home improvement product you use in your projects for your de-cluttered home.

* Organize your garage with a series of shelves or cabinets—the Pack 'N Roll will fit perfectly!

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