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I don't have a lot of money to spend on security, what can I do?

Everybody's On Camera...Just Ask Rodney King

Can't afford an expensive home monitoring system? Try the equivalent of a scarecrow or an owl to scare away birds. Fake security cameras work well. Just the idea that a burglar might be on camera is enough to make your average robber think twice...we all remember Rodney King!

Fake security cameras are inexpensive, personal security products with a motion detector sensor that makes the camera swivel when someone approaches your property. The cameras might even deter your neighbors from asking to borrow your lawn mower all the time, or if you install the cameras in your business, keep workers and customers honest.

* Even critical Netizens agree fake security cameras work and a member of the DSLReports.com Hot Deals forum offered several for sale.

What is the best close contact self defense option?

Pepper Sprays: Last Line of Defense

Pepper spray and Mace are among the most recommended personal security products, especially for women. Most of us don't want to take the step of buying a gun, although I've known some women that have scared off assailants just by showing that they were pistol packing mamas. We may all dream of being Thelma and Louise or Jennifer Garner from "Alias" in a crisis however, all of us hope we'll never have to put our karate chops to the test.

By the time an assailant gets within pepper spray range, chances are you've missed several opportunities to pre-defend yourself without confronting your attacker or robber. Pepper spray is a valid line of defense, as are some aikido techniques, but it's best not to need the pepper spray at all. How can you prevent a confrontation?

• Practice awareness. Don't tune out your surroundings, no matter where you are. Women have been attacked right in their own backyard.

• Project confidence. Don't slouch. Make eye contact. Don't look like a potential victim.

• Be wary of strangers and even acquaintances—though women are more likely to be assaulted by someone they know.

• Make sure friends and chaperones or co-workers keep an eye out for you—and do the same for them.

• Carry a cell phone and keep it visible. Sometimes if a stranger approaches you in your car, just whipping out your cell phone may be a deterrent.

• Although we've all been trained to be polite, be wary of anyone asking the time or directions (especially in deserted areas). I learned this in 1998 when a man in Los Angeles used this ploy to rob a friend and me at gunpoint. Plead ignorance if you have to or pretend you're not wearing a watch and, GET AWAY.

• Trust your gut. If something doesn't feel right, it usually isn't.

• If you feel you're being stalked, get to a safe location—a store, an office building, a church. Most businesses have security cams so, even if your pursuer follows you, you have a double line of defense: witnesses and a camera record of your would-be attacker.

Is there another way to hav an alarm system other than wiring my house?

First Alert: Better Than Nothing?

The portable First Alert alarm system won't put Brinks Home Security out of business. As a home security product, it's not effective for permanent fixed use, though it may be good in a mobile home or RV.

First Alert does, however, make noise, 90 decibels to be precise, and most burglars are usually frightened off by alarms—particularly since most burglars are young males 25 and under who lose their nerve. But, in terms of personal security products, dogs top the list.

* Lock your doors and windows. You don't want First Alert to have a chance to work, because by that time the burglar has already gained entry to your home. If you do choose First Alert, or any other alarm system, put decals in the windows and signs on the property proclaiming that your home is protected by an alarm system. This is enough to make most burglars move on, since they typically take the path of least resistance. Bottom line: Any alarm system is better than none.

I cannot see my driveway from the inside of my house, is there a way to alert me when someone pulls in?

Not In My Driveway You Don't

Your home is your castle and it's nice to know when it's about to be visited or invaded. Even the best security system has its flaws...a plane did, after all, recently cross the no-fly zone over the White House. But, if you don't even have Secret Service, what do you do? Can the Driveway Patrol driveway alarm home security product work?

A little forewarning is better than nothing and most criminals hate even a hint that a house is armed. The Driveway Patrol uses an infrared sensor to send a signal to you when a criminal crosses your driveway or sets foot on your porch. The signal works up to 400 feet, is weather resistant, and runs on batteries.

* An alarm doesn't deter if the criminals don't know it's there. Post alarm system signs and Driveway Patrol announcements right at the edge of your property and on your front door. That way, if you hear someone retreating from your house and wonder if the Driveway Patrol did the job...don't worry, it didn't have to. For most burglars, the mere hint of home security products is enough.

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