Dead Batteries? No Problem

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What is the easist way to test for dead batteries?

Dead Batteries? No Problem

Do you have a bag full of batteries in the refrigerator or in the junk drawer? How many of these batteries work? Can't answer? Most people can't.

Energizer and many home organization/electronics equipment manufacturers make battery testers and rechargers. You can even test Duracell batteries in the package. However, what if your batteries aren't in packages?

You know that you'll need working AAA batteries for your radio or clock when you least expect it. If you're fretting about flashlight batteries, you can always carry the Everlife flashlight—emergency preparedness is at the heard of home organization tips. Plus, no one likes to run around looking for a battery that works.

You might try a battery organizer such as the Perfect Battery Organizer and Tester. The tester works on the same principle as Energizer's.

* While the Battery Organizer won't recharge your batteries, you'll know when you need to change the flashlight battery...before the flashlight conks out on you.



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