Filling That Empty Space...

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What can I store in my space bag?

Filling That Empty Space...

You thought your boyfriend or girlfriend would fill that empty space, but all he or she did was split and leave belongings to clutter up your storage space. If you're talking about getting back together, you still need to deal with all that baggage—literally. The Space Bag may be able to help and is less expensive than therapy.

Ideal candidates for the space bag are things that you might call uselessly bulky, such as:

• Important documents
• Pillows
• Coats
• Sweaters
• Comforters

After all, you gave some of these gifts to your sweetie. It's a good idea to hang on to them if you're reconciling. See—home organization and home organization tips can help your love life!

The Space Bag airtight, watertight seal locks out water, moisture, mildew, dirt, insects, and odors. It works whether you're storing permanently or just until your ex arrives to collect the battery collection stored in five battery organizers. No matter what place your ex has in your heart, you're ready to store belongings in the basement, closet, garage, etc. You can even put away those painful reminders of your love affair that you've collected.

* Home organization is no substitute for communication so talk out your problems too—maybe while you're organizing.



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