Mini-Tramps and Urban Rebounders

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Aren't mini-trampolines and urban rebounders the same thing?

Mini-Tramps and Urban Rebounders

No, the headline doesn't refer to bands or new urban slang, but to exercise equipment.

While flimsy mini-trampolines can be inexpensive fun, the urban rebounder, which looks similar, is a full-fledged intensive workout fitness product. It's in many gyms (such as Bally's and Gold's Gym) worldwide.

* Mini-tramps aren't designed for heavy jumping or for 300-pound football players. The springs and mesh give way too easily, as opposed to the high yield reinforced steel springs of the Urban Rebounder. The Urban Rebounder is designed specifically with the urban rebounding workout in mind. A mini-trampoline is more for light, fun workouts and wouldn't withstand heavy workouts.



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