The Best Workout On The Rebound?

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I don't have much space, can I still get an active workout?

The Best Workout On The Rebound?

You've heard that you shouldn't date on the rebound or diet on the rebound. You can, however, work out on the rebound with J.B. Berns' Urban Rebounder (a jazzy martial-arts style fitness product that has the energy of the urban groove).

The Urban Rebounder isn't one of the herky-jerky hip-hop workouts. It eliminates pounding on the joints and cushions your workout like a yoga mat. The workouts help engage the second art or stabilizing muscles as you bounce on a trampoline-like surface.

• The Urban Rebounder is found in over 3,000 gyms
• It is ideal for travel since it folds easily
• If you decide to call the As Seen On TV operator and order, you'll be paying for quality and safety



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