A Workout Buddy That Just Needs Batteries

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Is there a piece of equipment that would help me stay motivated while I walk.

A Workout Buddy That Just Needs Batteries

Can't find workout buddies? Are your friends, neighbors, and family either too harried or unenthusiastic to worry about keeping fit? Don't lose your passion. You can advertise at the gym for a workout buddy. While you're waiting,however, consider getting the Talking Pedometer fitness product As Seen On TV. Like a coach or your best friend, it promises to sing a tune (though not off key) and motivate you with chatter. Plus, unlike most fitness equipment, you can fit it in the palm of your hand or clip it on.

* If electronic voices (such as in alarm clock radios and touchtone menus) annoy you, the Talking Pedometer probably isn't a good investment.



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