Infomercials, Tae Bo and Eastern Philosophy

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Can I combine martial arts with an exercise program?

Infomercials, Tae Bo and Eastern Philosophy

Ancient Buddhist masters say, "When you get your money back guaranteed, trust As Seen On TV." They also say that Billy Blank's Tae Bo Get Ripped fitness product is a wise decision and an eye-opener for anyone who thinks infomercials and Eastern philosophy are at odds.

Billy Blank is a true success story who overcame poverty, dyslexia, and physical disability. He has a solid reputation and a fan following at, where the prices are as reasonable as the exercise equipment costs in your favorite infomercials. Billy Blank mixes tae bo, aerobics and Pilates—a powerhouse workout with a one-two punch, Eastern style. Blank pays attention to form, style and technique, taking the time and care that's an integral part of Eastern thought.

* Always consult with a doctor before picking up the phone and calling to order the Tae Bo or any other workout program.



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