Dead Sea Mineral Health Products

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What is so special about products from the dead sea.

Dead Sea Mineral Health Products

Many facial cleansers reek of man-made abrasives and fragrances as well as harsh ethyl alcohol that can be hard on the skin—especially sensitive skin. Some can even cause cancer.

To avoid irritation, read labels carefully to pinpoint items that trigger discomfort. If you want to give those pores a break, try using a natural discount beauty product. There are many available including:

• Scrubs composed of fruit
• Washes made from natural plants and flowers
• Masks made out of earthen clays and mud
• Cleansers composed of minerals derived from the Dead Sea

These all natural products are refreshing and smell amazing—not to mention the fact that they are easier on your skin.

Which natural beauty product is best? Actually, aloe, in its natural form, is a terrific alternative even if you use a tanning spray and don't go out in the sun. However, beauty experts rate any Dead Sea beauty product (such as the As Seen On TV Etre Skin Care package) as beneficial to your skin.

*Just don't scrub—pat the mix on gently, then rinse gently with pure water. And, make sure your water is filtered and free of harsh elements.



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