Adding Hands with the Hair Dryer Stand

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How can I style and dry my hair at the same time?

Adding Hands with the Hair Dryer Stand

The trouble with blow drying your hair is that you don't have three hands. You need at least one hand to hold the dryer and two for styling. And, since so many As Seen On TV products purport to be three in one, it's no surprise that a beauty product from television claims to be able to give you an extra arm.

The Hair Dryer Stand works like a camera tripod for hair dryers. You just point and shoot, so to speak, while the hair dryer remains stationary. It works no matter what your height, and can rest on the floor or bathroom counter.

• Remember to keep distance between your hair and the hair dryer
• Consider using an ion hair dryer, which may be gentler
• The Hair Dryer Stand works for travel



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