Lasers and Stretch Mark Creams

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Can lasers remove stretch marks?

Lasers and Stretch Mark Creams

Lasers are used for everything from cataracts to spider veins to hair removal. Once it was science fiction but now people are doing laser treatments on their lunch hours—though we still haven't developed those cool laser scalpels the doctors use on "Star Trek."

Sorry to say, lasers may not always be an effective stretch mark treatment. Some doctors say the process works best on darker stretch mark lines and its effectiveness relies on skin color. And, according to Dr. Jean Loftus, author of The Smart Woman's Guide to Plastic Surgery, laser surgery to remove stretch marks has not been proven to work. She explains that laser surgery removes, vaporize,s and breaks down skin tissues rather than rebuilds tears in your skin.

If you still want laser surgery and have no desire to wait hundreds of years, do your homework on laser stretch mark treatment. In the meantime, consider using a stretch mark cream such as Stretch Away.



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