To Botox or Not Botox?

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Is there a better alternative to Botox?

To Botox or Not Botox?

A forehead, facial expression, and hair that all don't move can actually work against you. Just ask politicians (JibJab films poked fun at John Kerry's Botox treatments). Did George W. Bush pick a Botox alternative? We'll never know.

We can debate such weighty issues as whether to choose Zerotox anti wrinkle cream over Botox (which contains an amino acid said to fight skin aging). The, we can get on to debating Social Security. Actually, Social Security might be easier than resisting Botox, which even Hollywood consultants reject because it creates expressionlessness in actors. But, is Zerotox a better Botox alternative among the many (Restylane, Radiance, etc.) that are proliferating like filibusters?

For the record, there's a reason Hollywood and deodorant commercials say never let 'em see you sweat: Botox has been approved to treat excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis—perfect for politicians trying to answer questions about their Senate voting records or Intel reports on Iraq.

But, you may still have concerns about Botox and its long term effects, especially if you're using it for cosmetic reasons. Ask your doctor and, in the meantime, it can't hurt to try Zerotox.

*Zerotox doesn't entirely reduce wrinkles, simply because of a process called life, but it does help diminish them.



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