Enzyte...or Oysters?

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Can a man improve his sex life as he gets oder?

Enzyte...or Oysters?

You've seen the endless prescription male enhancement drugs, and now there's the "blue pill," Enzyte. Can anything with an advertisement featuring a smiling '50s homemaker (so stereotypical) actually work? Especially since it's anon-prescription natural male enhancement health product?

While blood flow is a problem as men age, magic pills may not be the answer. Enzyte's own advertisements state that it's not a penis enlargement drug or an erectile dysfunction health care product (you can tell that because there isn't a two-minute list of side effects at the end of the commercial).

* Get up and moving, quit smoking, and eat better to feel in the mood for love again. Zinc supplements and eating food high in zinc (not just oysters) can help.



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