Cortisol's Legit, But Is CortiSlim?

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What exactly is Cortisol?

Cortisol's Legit, But Is CortiSlim?

Don't let Bill O'Reilly's bulldog delivery fool you into thinking cortisol, the stress hormone, is a hoax. Bill is in the No Spin Zone, right? Whatever your politics, hormones are hormones. And, cortisol isn't the bad guy—even Bill admits that it's a necessary ingredient (like fats or some sugars). However, like some fats and sugars, cortisol can increase when you're under stress.

Like cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight, cortisol needs to be monitored and regulated. CortiSlim (which doesn't contain ephedra) is a health care product supposedly designed to keep your cortisol levels in balance....or should we say fair and balanced?

• A health product bulletin: The FDA has sent a cease and desist warning letter to CortiSlim regarding its false claims and 29 customers have filed a class action suit.



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