Ginsu Knives: Do They Cut The Mustard?

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Is there a kitchen knife that can stand up to severe punishment?

Ginsu Knives: Do They Cut The Mustard?

Ginsu knives have become almost a joke, lampooned on every show from "The Simpsons" to "VeggieTales" (what are vegetables doing touting cutting knives anyway?) Even my neighbor ordered a set and claims to be satisfied with this ubiquitous kitchen product...although he didn't say he'd ever used it to cut through sheet metal. There's a perverse kind of reassurance knowing you own something that lethal (and at an affordable price).

Following the steel or brick cutting, you can seamlessly glide into slicing and dicing onions or tomatoes as well as something more difficult than steel...your mother's fruitcake—all of this without ever having to sharpen the blades. Be sure, however, to follow these maintenance tips:

• Always keep your blades sharp, even though you'll have to do it infrequently.
• Always dry off your blades after washing them.
• Put your knives away in their handy case or a block when you're done.



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