Smores At Home

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Is there a safe way to make somores indoors?

Smores At Home

If you can't go camping (or are allergic), one thing you probably miss from childhood cookouts is Smores. Somehow the commercial cookies, candy bars, and cereals don't satisfy, especially since everyone knows Smores are supposed to be hot.

At $20-$30, the smores maker Smores Wizard seems a bit of an indulgence...hello, isn't that what being a kid or a kid at heart is all about? Besides, the adult in you can feel happy that you've come up with an easy cleaning way to make smores for you and your kids. And, the pure chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow has none of the additives that commercial imitations do, so you're reducing the risk of obesity too!

*Always make sure you supervise your kids when you use the Smores Wizard kitchen product...and don't eat too many Smores at once.



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