Common Sense Dish Drying?

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Is there a way to dry my dishes, save space and not create a water mess on my counter?

Common Sense Dish Drying?

Can an over-the-sink shelf dish dryer help eliminate the water that spills from caddies beside or in the sink? The Over Sink Shelf claims to—and holds paper towels to boot. It's just common sense: If a dish drying shelf wholesale kitchen product claims not to leak water, you can't get a better test than putting paper towel adjacent to those damp dishes. It should be great on saving space.

* To test the kitchen product you just ordered, buy one of the super-absorbent paper towels and watch to see if moisture leaks. If the paper towel is soaking but still absorbent after you wash the dishes, you either have a defective product or leaky plumbing.



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