Cooking for Dummies with the Grip n Flip?

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I couldn't flip a burger without throwing it in my neighbors yard, is there help out there for me?

Cooking for Dummies with the Grip n Flip?

Grip 'N Flip! Scoop 'N Strain! 6 in 1 Kitchen Utensil! The Grip 'N Flip wholesale kitchen product may be, as Jay Leno quips, one more example of how lazy Americans have gotten...or it may be a blessing (especially for people with arthritis or busy people who still enjoy cooking and try to eat healthily). The Grip 'N Flip is delicate enough to pick up a piece of salmon with all that Omega-3...brain juice! Maybe we're not so lazy after all.

* has a complaint about the Grip 'N Flip but only about the automated ordering computer system in which the caller accidentally ordered a second kitchen product. But hey, computer error happens to everyone...including major credit card companies. If you're not sure about ordering from the computer, stay on the line for a customer service representative.



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