Vacuum Food Sealer Fills A Void?

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Is there a better way to preserve my leftovers than with plstic bowls and lids?

Vacuum Food Sealer Fills A Void?

Like the Pump N Seal, the Handy gourmet Vaccuum Food Sealer claims to lock in freshness. The difference with the Handy Gourmet wholesale kitchen product is that it's intended just for bags. Don't confuse the Handy Gourmet and Pump 'N Seal! If you've been less than satisfied with sealing your bags (even with the Pump 'N Seal or Gladlock), the Handy Gourmet can trim your bags to the right size. One of the biggest problems with plastic bags is that excess air sometimes gets trapped. Here are some great tips on usage::

• To guard against excess air, store in bulk in one bag if possible.
• Fruits and vegetables bulky? Cut and dehydrate them first.



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