Double-Edged Blade?

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What's the most cost effective full knife set?

Double-Edged Blade?

Miracle Blade III doesn't have the reputation of ginsu knives. Customers say that you may have to sharpen Miracle Blade III paring knives or Rock 'n Chops...still, over 12 million sales of the Miracle Blade III kitchen product since 1989 inspires confidence. The cost of the Miracle Blade II set isn't as high as the Ginsu knives.

That said, several wholesale kitchen product consumers at complain that the blades rust and the metal is too weak in the longer knives. If you still want these knives, here are some upkeep tips:

• Protect your knives from rust by wiping them off with a soft chamois cloth after use.
• Use non-abrasive polish for light oxidization.
• You can also protect them with a few drops of any quality oil or silicone treatment.



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