Screen Calls, Screen Gutters

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How can I keep my guters from getting clogged?

Screen Calls, Screen Gutters

While the DIY home improvement product jury is still out on the efficiency of gutter screens, we couldn't get through to them because they screened their calls. Gutter screens and caller ID help eliminate leaves and telemarketers from your life. Supposedly, the Gutter Screen attaches easily to your standard gutter and traps leaves as well as other debris. If you opt to buy one, however, keep these things in mind:

• You may still need a gutter cleaner such as the Gutter Blaster for stubborn debris still lodged in your gutters.

• Small debris can clog the Gutter Screen, so be sure to remove and clean it regularly. You might blast it with the Gutter Blaster!

Now, let's hope those telemarketers don't call when you're replacing your Gutter Screen.



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