Don't Trip any Wires with the Handy Bundler

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How can I tie down simple items around my house with permanence?

Don't Trip any Wires with the Handy Bundler

Electricians, linemen, construction workers, cable repair guys, and computer repair pros who regularly secure wires, fences, piping, and other cumbersome hazards deserve respect--r at the least they deserve the Handy Bundler. If it can handle the tangle of cords behind your computer, it can handle power cables. And, by the way, it can also secure the moorings inside when your boat's afloat. Is this DIY home improvement product a bundle of joy?

* We know of one Netizen who used the handy-bundler to secure a portable DVD player in the car to prevent jarring during rest stops. Now, any home improvement product that can help with the kids during long car trips is truly handy!



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